QuickStyle panels are manufactured from the same quality materials as our other custom products, however in order to  reduce panel costs & lead times, we have developed the QuickStyle range in a number of ways to enable us to manufacture these panels faster and more efficiently.

Standard patterns & finishes

QuickStyle only includes a select range of finish colours and acoustic panel patterns, without the complexities of customised designs and panel margins. . The patterns that have been selected for this range are some of our most popular slotted and perforated profiles and are quick and efficient to manufacture. To view the QuickStyle range – click here.

Standard Panel Sizes

The range only includes one standard acoustic panel size of 2400mm x 1200mm, and there is no customisation in these sizes. You are however able to cut panels on site, and we have also included a solid infill panel in the range to ensure that your panels will fit your wall or ceiling dimensions (see our Design Layout Advice article here).

No Customisation or Shop Drawings

Due to the standard panel sizes and infill panels, there is no requirement for panel customisation or shop drawings in the QuickStyle range. The shop drawings process can take some time to ensure accuracy, so eliminate this complexity means the order process is much faster. We are able to start the manufacture of your panels as soon as we receive your confirmed online order, ensuring that your order is ready in 10 business days, or 15 business days if you select optional panel edging. Some conditions apply to this lead time, such as public holidays and shut down periods, so please make sure you review our terms and conditions.

Face Fix Installation

The QuickStyle range is  face fixed using our proprietary screws and decals, with a nominal 10mm expressed joint between panels. To conceal the framing behind the expressed joint, you can order our optional QuickStrips, which are flat black backing strips (70mm x 2400mm) that are placed under the two panels prior to securing the panel. Adhesive tape can also be used to secure QuickStrips to the rear of the panels prior to installation if you are unable to secure strips direct to your framing. QuickStrips can be ordered online as an optional accessory add on.

Streamlined Order Process

We have streamlined the order process for your QuickStyle acoustic panels by means of our an online portal. You are able to go to the QuickStyle website to view all pricing, technical data and to order and pay for your panels, which enables us to make the pricing more effective than our custom range, which often requires a lot of support. Of course, our team are able to assist you over the phone with any questions you might have, including colour sample requests.

we are extremely excited to present the QuickStyle by Atkar Group range to our customers as not just cost effective, but also an efficient and high quality acoustic solution.

For more details on the range – click here.