Design Layout Tips

  • It is important to confirm your panel layout prior to commencing the project.
  • Panels can be installed horizontally or vertically to either a wall or ceiling.
  • The use of solid infill panels, together with perforated or slotted panels, can be used in conjunction to ensure the layout meets your exact wall or ceiling size requirements, as it is very easy to cut solid panels on site.|

See below some suggested panel design layouts – although any combination may be used.


Panel Cutting

  • Solid panels can be cut to any size on site.
  • Perforated/slotted panels can also be cut on site, preferably in the centre of the panel or between perforations.
  • Cut outs for access panels and other penetrations are possible, although additional care needs be taken.


Screw Decals for Face Fix

Provided with your panel order is colour matched decal stickers that can be used over the top of the screw head.

Our screw decals are extremely effective and look professional and discrete.

See below some examples of screw decals on our QuickStyle panels.

Concealing Expressed Joints – QuickStrips

It is recommended that QuickStyle panels be installed face fixed with a 10mm expressed joint.

To conceal the framing behind the expressed joint, you can order our optional QuickStrips, which are flat black backing strips that can be placed under the two panels prior to securing the panel. Adhesive tape can also be used to secure QuickStrips to the panels if you are unable to secure direct to a furring channel. Click here for full install advice.

QuickStrips Overview:

  • Strip size: 2400mm x 70mm.
  • Strips can be cut on site.
  • 2 – 3 strips required per panel.
  • Recommended to allow a minimum of 10% extra quantities to cover for any wastage and cutting.

Click here to add QuickStrips to your order.