QuickStyle panels by Atkar Group are the perfect solution when you need quality acoustic panels delivered in 10 days. These panels are available in standard size panels (2400 x 1200mm), so how do you make sure these acoustic panels fit your exact wall or ceiling dimensions? Read on below.

Solid Infill Panels

As part of the QuickStyle range we have included a solid panel that can be used as an infill between perforated panels or other abutments. See below some suggestions on how solid panels can be used in your design. It is critical that you measure the wall or ceiling area and develop your layout prior to commencing your installation, to ensure design consistency and optimise panel usage.

Cutting Panels on Site

Solid panels can be easily cut to any size on site. Perforated or slotted acoustic panels can also be cut on site, preferably in the centre of the panel or between perforations.

We recommend ordering approximately 10% more panels than required for your project, to allow for wastage if you plan to cut on site.

Note: Cut outs for access panels and other penetrations are possible, although additional care needs be taken to maintain panel integrity and to avoid unsightly conflicts with the panel perforations.

Panel Joints & Concealing Framing

A 10mm Expressed Joint is recommended when installing QuickStyle panels. To conceal the framing behind the expressed joint, include our optional QuickStrips with your order. These flat black backing strips (70mm x 2400mm)  are placed under the two panels prior to securing the panel. Adhesive tape can also be used to secure QuickStrips to the rear of the panels prior to installation if they are unable to be secured to your framing.

A note on panel edging…

You can select to add optional panel edging to your QuickStyle panels. However, don’t forget that if you do select panel edging, but plan to cut panels on site, this will result in a raw edge on one side!

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